Condos & Co-Ops

Laundry Facility Installations for Condos & Co-Ops

Make your residents and shareholders happy with clean, continuously monitored, and meticulously maintained laundry machines.
C Clean

The First and Only “Clean Team”

Our industry-leading “Clean Team” will de-mold and de-lint your machines with frequent visits. We’ll keep your laundry equipment spotless and sanitized, providing tenants with a clean and healthy environment.

Local customer service2

Local Customer Service

Our competitors may send you to a call center across the globe, but our 24/7 support team is local and familiar with every property. With Aces, you can easily speak to someone that knows your property and understands your unique needs.

C Monitor

Remote Monitoring for Instant Diagnosis, Repair, and Refunds

At Aces, we monitor machine status using remote diagnostics, so if there’s an issue, we’ll be automatically notified. This way, we can make repairs instantly, before we receive a complaint from a tenant or super.

C Trans 2

Fully Transparent Finances

Our client Account Portal gives you the tools to monitor finances with intuitive reports. We breakdown your spending to the nickel, giving you complete transparency with each machine start.

C Mobile 1

Modern Mobile App

Our modern mobile app lets users view machine availability, get cycle completion alerts, add funds, start a machine, and view their transactions.

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