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Campus Laundry Facility Installation for Universities & Colleges

“The Best Laundry for the BEST Buildings” is the Aces Laundry motto that carries through to our installations in dormitories and other, more public settings.

Students and faculty have the specific need for “laundry on the run” when faced with between and after class laundry stops. Aces Laundry provides redundancy in equipment to provide the quickest “in and out” for our patrons’ needs. Pricing and equipment are chosen to take the burden out of “Wash Day,” and will provide the same sparkling results we insist upon in all of our locations. We are prepared to tailor all laundry payments and pricing to ease the burden on the student population.

Our registered Aces Loyalty Cards provide an added level of security for each student.  If your card is lost, we will replace it free of charge. The card registration gives us the ability to restore any lost monies to a new card, which we will gladly provide. Finally, all of our signage is easy to understand, graphic and plentiful to cover all contingencies.

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